A Real Solution

Originally published February 8, 2013 @ American Thinker

Following the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school by a mentally disturbed individual, the political left has pursued gun control with renewed vigor. In addition to an ‘assault weapons ban’ the left has called for universal background checks. Unfortunately the proposed programs are a canard and amount to little more than a national gun registration program. Gun rights advocates know from history (and experience) that registration is the first step in any gun confiscation program and have vigorously opposed such suggestions.

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Social Security Is An Entitlement

Recently I received an email whose author was indignant that his social security check is considered an entitlement. The email goes on about how he “earned” his social security and medicare and therefore they aren’t entitlements. Below was the response I penned to the person who forwarded me the email.


I always look at it a little bit differently, as I am one of those that probably won’t collect a single dime from social security, even though I’ve been paying into the system for nearly 30 years.
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The stereotypical conservative argument for a candidate is one based on ideals, theories, and is usually an intellectual appeal. Appeals to emotion from conservatives usually deal with very specific cultural issues such as abortion. In these pages and across the internet the cultural and the intellectual arguments have been made over and over. I’d like to offer a different argument for supporting the Romney Ryan ticket. Compassion for my fellow Americans and the humility and passion of a leader that understands his limits.
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Freedom To Succeed – Thomas Peterffy

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You’ve been screwed

In polite company using the slang phrase “You got screwed” may be a regarded as unseemly, perhaps even rude. Among friends though, everyone understands the phrase means that you got bilked or cheated. The sad fact is that we’ve all been screwed by government programs that were designed ostensibly to help us. A perfect example is the most recent recession which was caused by government programs that were supposed to help us. Instead of helping, federal housing programs forced institutions to make bad loans, created massive housing inflation by inflating the credit market which was followed by a bust that still has many underwater on their mortgages. President Obama’s first term is full of programs that hurt far more than they help, funded by borrowed money. Here is a a short list of programs, what their end result was, and who got screwed.

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