Hanson’s Analysis of Illegal Immigration

The indomitable Victor Hanson has an excellent article over at Pajamas Media titled “The Truths We Dare Not Speak About Illegal Immigration“. Hanson lays out 6 truths that underlie the arguments in the illegal immigration debate with his usual logic. I’ll summarize the first couple of points;

1. If the same level of illegal immigrants were coming from almost any other nation, the discussion would be very different.
2. Why are some illegal immigrants and their advocates so critical of this country? Hanson crystallizes this point as follows “In cases of the May Day parades, why would alien demonstrators appear so critical of the country (or at least its law) that they so desperately wish to stay in, and so fond and romantic about the country that`they so desperately wish to leave?”. An excellent question.


For the rest of Hanson’s analysis you will have to head over to Pajamas Media and read it for yourself.

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