Polls show an upset electorate

Over as Rasmussen we learn that the Generic Congressional Ballot puts Republicans ahead by eight points. More interesting is a timeline of the generic poll Congressional ballot that can be found here. In that poll we clearly see that the attitude toward democrats headed south with the push for Obama Care. The American voter is angry. As a rule, American’s don’t like to be told what to do and any administration would do well to remember that.


The Democrats don’t care, preferring to buy votes by slicing and dicing the electorate into tiny fiefdom’s of victimhood that can be bought off with other people’s tax dollars. The US electorate see’s right through that game and doesn’t like the political gamesmanship. There are still enough “other people” that are paying tax dollars to be hopping mad, and any candidate with a (D) after their name is feeling the pressure. My guess is that the biggest reason Democrats don’t want to spend TARP money is so that they can bankroll targeted “grants” or “programs” aimed at constituent groups prior to election day in an attempt to curry favor. These are desperate times for incumbent Congressmen.


It is obvious that all but the most die hard liberal knows that the country is heading in the wrong direction. The danger is that the US electorate will trade one bad politician for another in their pique at current policies. Just because a politician has a (R) after his/her name doesn’t make them a candidate worthy of your vote. Keep in mind that tarp, stimulus spending and other governmental interventions are essentially continuations of failed Bush policies. The difference being that President Obama has preferred to double down on these bad bets.


If we rely on our country’s founding ideals to help us choose our candidates, then first and foremost we are looking for candidates that want to eliminate the federal government’s intrusion into our lives. A government that runs on our founding ideals will stimulate the economy, lower your taxes, and provide fairness as a matter of course. Not following that principal leads to government intrusion between you and your doctor, you and your employer, and you and your family and economic stagnation. Today’s economic morass demonstrates that government intervention doesn’t lead to prosperity for anyone except the politically well connected.


Following founding ideals all but eliminates any candidate that talks about social or environmental justice. Those are merely code words for legalized robbery. The job of the federal government is clearly defined in the Constitution Of The United States, and the powers NOT specifically mentioned therein are left to the people and the states. Voting for candidates with founding ideal in mind eliminates candidates that would enshrine personal beliefs that aren’t appropriate for the federal government to regulate into law. If we are to return to the republic as envisioned by our founding fathers, we as a people have to have the strength to vote against candidates that would abuse federal power. That means candidates that would pass laws that we may agree with, but the federal government has no business regulating. Such candidates are just as bad as candidates that would attempt to pass an intrusive law you disagree with.


As election season approaches quickly, vote with our founding ideals in mind. Doing so will make our country better, stronger, and most importantly, fairer for all.

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