WSJ Editorial Asks “Are Americans Bigots?”

A very good editorial appears in today’s Wall Street Journal titled “Are American’s Bigots“. It’s worth your time to read the article in it’s entirety, but the final paragraph is worth repeating.

As the controversy over the planned Islamic Center near Ground Zero escalates, we have had many secular sermons on the need to recognize that the vast majority of Muslims should not be confused with the terrorists. No argument there. But how much more fruitful our own debates might be if the Judge Walkers, Mayor Bloombergs and Speaker Pelosis could extend that same presumption of decency to the American people.

Our left leaning political class and the dinosaur media has always assumed the worst from Americans. The traditional media is always surprised when everyday Americans turn out to be tolerant, decent, good hearted people. From where I sit, the bigots in this country are the media and politicians who think so poorly of Americans, despite copious evidence that their stereotypes are totally unfounded.

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