Racism is dead

Originally published August 14, 2010 @ American Thinker
Aaron Gee

In today’s Wall Street Journal regular column, “Best of the web” author James Taranto gives us one humdinger of a quote;

“Racism is dead, and its killers were heroes. Nostalgia for racism lives on in the imagination of liberals who only wish they could be so heroic.”

I could not have said it more succinctly. As democrats continue to try to play the race card, more and more American’s are ignoring it. Victor Hanson observes in his article;

“….we have devolved to the point where promiscuously crying “Bigot!” and “Racist!” signals a failure to persuade 51 percent of the people of the merits of an argument.”

This leaves liberals in a pinch. Liberal policies are deeply unpopular, and liberal proponents aren’t winning the political argument based on facts and results. In decades past even the hint of racism was enough to sway an argument in their direction. No longer. This has lead to even more screaming that those that opposed leftist governmental intrusion are racists.

The more liberals scream, the more serious thinkers can be excused for looking at liberal policies and asking “Why are liberals convinced that minorities won’t succeed without their brand of government help?”. A perfect example of this dichotomy was the school voucher program in Washington DC that benefited poor and mostly black students, yet liberals killed it. With that type or record, the best response to liberal agitation about matters of race is simple and Shakespearean – Methinks the liberal protests too much.

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