Sunday’s collection of links – 8/15

One thing that I like to do is link to a few articles I’ve read throughout the week. Perhaps we will turn this into a Sunday tradition. Once again, in no particular order here is a summary of some of the more interesting one’s I’ve read.

More Gunsmoke, This Time In Nepal
A good post looking at the typical global warming alarmist exaggeration, this time in Nepal, over at Anthony Watts blog – Watts Up With That?


The Anti-Obama Democrats
An interesting opinion piece from Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal


Have Obama’s Policies Failed? Let Us Count the Ways
Rick Moran looks at opinion from the Washington Examiner and adds his own analysis. Good read.


A Ramirez Editorial Cartoon
A reminder of why November is so important


Former President Bush surprising returning troops
As the master card commercial says “Priceless”. I think I first read this over at HotAir.


The Destiny of a Free Nation
An interesting blog from “Doc Zero”


Japan Owns Up to Costs of a ‘Green Economy’
Sex Poodle Al Gore is hopping mad


The Left Has Collapsed
The left is unpopular, undisciplined, and ill-tempered – by William Kristol of The Weekly Standard


Marcus: Liberal bloggers are “deranged”
Ruth Marcus is from the Washington Post.


The worst federal disaster response in our nation’s history>
Opinion by Rory Cooper of The Daily Caller

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