Sunday’s collection of links – 8/29

Last week we missed posting our most interesting links. Some of you missed it and in an effort not to disappoint comes our collection of links from articles or stories we read in the last week. ENJOY


Day by Day Cartoon.
Each day we always visit the day by day website. We admit it, we’re hooked on those characters.


Political cartoon from town hall from 8/28


The folly of punishing oil companies from the Washington Examiner.


We Are Not Greece by Victor Davis Hanson


Revolt In GOP Could Play Into Dems’ Hands By E.J. DIONNE JR.
Proof once again that anti-delusional medication should be a requirement for some left leaning columnists.


How Brilliant Can President Obama Be by JEFFREY S. HOWARD


On Doomed Rig’s Last Day, a Divisive Change of Plan From the wall street journal


Pavlovsk seed bank faces destruction from The Guardian
Only a government can argue “The collection is priceless, therefore it has no value”


Fidel Castro: Bin Laden Is A ‘U.S. Agent’ from the Huffington Post


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