Media Hurting Afghanistan Effort

Last week’s Telegraph has an interesting column by Toby Harnden, titled “Why can’t Barack Obama tell the world about American tolerance?”. In the column Toby Harnden’s American Way, we learn a few startling facts that go beyond President Obama’s failings.  The media’s and their elitist allies insistence that opposition to the Cordoba project is based on intolerance and bigotry is hurting our effort in Afghanistan. That’s not the opinion of some east coast desk jockey, that’s the opinion of the man in charge.  From the article;


Aides to General David Petraeus, commanding troops in Afghanistan, say he is livid about the portrayal of the US as a hotbed of anti-Muslim bigotry and fears it may undermine the war effort, which is based on partnership with an Islamic regime.


We already know that the media’s own internal bigotry is helping drive much of the false narrative. The insistence that America is a biased and racist country isn’t just false(which it is), the meme damages our reputation and standing in the world.


What’s even more incredible is that in the same article we learn that the Muslim cab driver that was stabbed in NY by a deranged man doesn’t support the building of the “Islamic Center” 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Does that fact help explain the motive for the stabbing? The perpetrator has connections to groups that supports the project. This is pure speculation on our part but it wouldn’t be the first time an unhinged activist has used violence. Don’t expect either event to continue to get much more Main Stream Media(MSM) attention as neither fits the MSM’s preconceived stereotype.


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