Sunday’s collection of links – 9/12

Our collection of links from articles or stories we read in the last week. ENJOY!


Day by Day Cartoon. Each day we always visit this website.


The origins of Barack Obama’s petulance by Victor Davis Hanson


Thomas Edison, You’re Under Arrest editorial from investors daily.


How Obama Thinks an intriguing article in Forbes. Very much worth the time to read.


‘Rhymes With Fagin’ from the WSJ on the MSM constant scapegoating of Israel in the peace process.


The eternal flame of Muslim outrage from Michelle Malkin.


Why Americans Are Beginning to Dislike the Democrats – a political cartoon from Mr. Ramirez.


Tax Cuts INCREASE Revenues; They Have ALWAYS Increased Revenues from Start Thinking Right.


US now fourth on WEF competitiveness scale


John Fund Attacks Public Workers By Claiming ‘Very Few Teachers Have Been Laid Off’ from the super liberal think progress. Proof once again that a large segment of the population doesn’t know the difference between anecdote and evidence.


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