Let’s investigate those non profits

The left is not quite in full reverse on the groundless accusations against the Chamber of Commerce, but they will be soon enough.  In a desperate attempt to run away from their political record (>9% unemployment, mountains of debt, Obamacare) the democrats thought they had found the perfect distraction. (Amazing how little has changed in one year)  Seemingly coordinated accusations of “secret money” and buying elections spilled out of leftist precincts last week.


Democrats, the President, and their sympathizers, didn’t just go after the chamber of commerce, but also Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. Democratic operative Robert Reich used his position as chairman of Common Cause, a left wing 501(c), to accuse the rich of being involved in a secret anti middle class cabal over at the Huffington Post.  Think Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress, another  501(c),  accused the Chamber of Commerce of co-mingling funds from foreign contributers and asked for an investigation.  Max Baucus gladly piled on, formally asking for an investigation.  The WSJ observes that the calls for investigation is nothing more than an attempt try and silence business.  The behavior is not new for the current democratically controlled Congress.


The entire affair may blow up in their face.  Let’s not shy away from a serious look at the 527, and 501(c) groups across the political spectrum.  Let’s look at FEC law and see exactly who violated it.  While examining the Chamber of Commerce, we can also examine the 2008 campaign of President Obama that did not put in place even the most basic safeguards against accepting foreign donations.  While examining the groups that Karl Rove founded, we  can also look at the tax exempt status of Media Matters, Common Cause, Center for American Progress, and others in the Soros network. If the Democrats are honestly concerned about the rule of law they should have no problem with such an investigation.  Don’t hold your breath.


The truth is that the Democrats and left have been effectively using 527 and 501(c) groups for years.  They simply  don’t like the competition they are getting from conservative groups whose message is resonating with voters this year.  An investigation would quite probably snare liberal groups, especially considering the informal collusion that we saw in places like the journolist. If congress takes up the cause of a thorough non partisan investigation into 501(c) and other political non profit groups, expect the left to change their tune and start screaming about “attempts to suppress their first amendment rights”.


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