Liberal Stereotypes

In the last week the following incidents have occurred;


  1. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar left the set of The View in protest over Bill O’Reilly’s comment that “Muslims killed us on 9/11”
  2. The NAACP released a report on ‘Tea Party Racism
  3. Juan Williams was fired from NPR for admitting to getting nervous if he were to see a man on a plane in “Muslim garb”.


What do these events all have in common? Liberal orthodoxy and deeply ingrained liberal stereotyping. The left has pushed the meme that anyone that disagrees with them is racist. The liberal belief that their opponents are bigots is more than just so much propaganda, it is a belief that is deeply ingrained in the liberal psyche. Those liberal stereotypes are the reason why The View girls left the set, why Juan Williams was fired, and why the NAACP is publishing a sham report about the tea party.


When Bill O’Reilly said “Muslims killed us on 9/11” he was factually correct. Most American’s didn’t think “all Muslims attacked us” and they don’t need to be reminded that it was Muslim fanatics/extremists, we already knew that. The fact that most American’s don’t link all Muslims to terrorism is lost on Behar and Goldberg, who assume that people who don’t think as they do are bigots. Ironically it was their own stereotypes and sensibilities that caused the overly dramatic “exit stage left” moment on The View, not the guest’s truthful statement.


Behar and Goldberg were offended that O’Reilly didn’t qualify his statement on the terrorist’s religion. It never occurred to them that the obvious didn’t need to be stated for millions of Americans because it was implicitly understood. In Behar and Goldberg’s mind, everyone living in fly-over country is a knuckle dragging bigot and they need to be reminded constantly that not all Muslims are bad. Liberal stereotyping is nothing new, the same stereotypes led NBC News to go to NASCAR races looking for “discriminatory comments or actions” years ago.


NBC was just as wrong then as current liberal stereotypers are now, but facts never slow the liberal dogma machine down. Juan Williams was fired, not because of his position (he actually admonished O’Reilly) but where he stated his position. Williams was guilty of talking with the enemy in the minds of the liberal media elite, and in the past he has been characterized as an Uncle Tom for daring to speak on Fox News. In the minds of many liberals Fox News has been stereotyped as the neocon network and appearing on that network is a serious transgression. For all the bravado about wanting an open discourse, the liberal machine is very intolerant of people that stray off the reservation, as Williams found out.


Calls for “civility” and “respectful discourse” from the left means only one thing – don’t argue with the liberal point of view. When the tea party rose up in defiance of the leftist orthodoxy of big government, the immediate liberal stereotype was that the movement must be bigoted or racist. The NAACP made a joke of it’s national meeting by passing a resolution condemning “racist elements and activities” within the tea party. The NAACP’s actions demonstrated to many that the organization was nothing but a left wing propaganda organ. The sting of that charge put the NAACP on edge so much that when an edited video of one of it’s own meetings appeared on line, they wrongfully condemned a black Georgia official before the full details of the meeting were out.


In an attempt to try and run away from their shameful actions and re-enforce their own stereotypes and bigotries, the NAACP commissioned a study by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. The NAACP was looking for cover of it’s own stereotypes, and they got it by employing a group that already thinks exactly as they do. Having this extreme leftist organization provide a report to the NAACP is akin to the despicable white power group Aryan nation asking the KKK to provide them with a report on ‘people of color’. The NAACP was looking for someone to re-affirm their own stereotypes, not provide an objective analysis. As the WSJ noted, the NAACP has an obsession with the tea party, and issues that really affect blacks in America take a back seat to re-enforcing liberal stereotypes.


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