NYT forgets a special interest

Yesterday’s New York Time’s has an editorial titled “Drowning in Campaign Cash” that shamelessly repeats democratic talking points. The NYT seems to forget that in this election cycle the biggest spender was the union of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. No mention of that special interest, only those dastardly bogeymen known as “Republicans” and 501(c) organizations.


This brings some points to mind. The liberal 501(c) organization moveon.org was extended a special rate by the New York Times for their disgraceful add “General Betray Us“. Liberal causes have been effectively using 501(c) organizations for some times yet there was no mention of them in the article. Finally the biggest spender this election cycle is an organization whose members are paid for by your tax dollars. That means the unions dues are essentially paid for with tax dollars. Doesn’t spending more than $87.5 million on this election in dollars that mostly comes from taxpayers strike anyone else as one hell of a special interest?


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