Happy Veterans Day

On this day we honor our veterans, both past and present. The sacrifices of our veterans should be a constant reminder that freedom isn’t free and liberty is not the natural condition of man. With that in mind today’s post is very simple. Below are link to a few veterans organizations that help our veterans and their families. Choose a good cause and consider a donation.



Today we should also remember our very first Veterans. Men like Sam Whittemore, George Washington, and John Stark. None of the veterans organizations listed above would exist if it hadn’t been for our nation’s first soldiers. Consider joining the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) to help preserve the history of our nation’s founding. The RWVA is a non-profit service organization devoted to Liberty, and the history of April 19, 1775, when our first veterans were born in the crucible the American revolution and the shot heard around the world.


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