What is our central american strategy?

Nicaragua invaded and assumed control of a small section of Costa Rica in late October. At first Nicaragua blamed the incursion on Google Maps. This farcical explanation belies the fact that Nicaragua has for years wanted the property on the other side of the San Juan River for its own canal from the Pacific to Atlantic. That project was originally dreamed up when Nicaragua was a Soviet Client state and a completed canal project would be a game changer. Currently the canal project is funded by Iran and Venezuela while Nicaragua is led by the same man that led the country during the cold war, Daniel Ortega.


This deliberately provocative action has elicited little more than a yawn from the US. Costa Rica has no standing army, so its response has been mostly diplomatic, through the Organization of American States (OAS). The OAS called for an immediate withdraw of Nicaraguan troops. Ortega’s response was to state that the OAS is irrelevant and that the permanent council’s vote was “manipulated” and “a conspiracy.” The only nation voting against the resolution for withdraw was Venezuela.


A foreign enemy working with anti US countries not far from our borders and our strategic interests has shades of Cuba 1962 written all over it. The US response to the Nicaraguan incursion currently only emboldens the two most anti US regimes in our hemisphere who are currently playing footsie with Iran. The state department even claims that it is unaware of any new canal being planned. The burgeoning problem is a ticking time bomb and our President has a choice. He can either act like Neville Chamberlain circa 1938 or John F. Kennedy Circa 1962. The fate of central american peace hangs in the balance.


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