New Words For A New Year

A few new words for 2011, some old words whose meaning has changed, and surprisingly some words whose meaning has not changed, even though we were promised it would.


Regulationism: 1. a political theory advocating state control of industry through excessive regulation and confiscatory taxation.


Regulationist: 1. political advocate of regulationism 2. A Socialist that can live with the concept that a part of the companies profits can go to shareholders as long as the state controls the business.


Global Warmist: 1. A fanatic whose belief in man caused global warming is so strong and illogical that any and all climatic events are seen to support the belief in man caused global warming. 2. A religious subset of the orthodox green movement.


Convert: Any politician that survived the electoral tidal wave of 2010 and now does not believe in ear marks.


Bipartisanship: They won


Rendition: (This words definition did not change from its earlier usage)
Guantanamo: (This words definition did not change from its earlier usage)


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