Democrat Rep slanders America to the Arab world

Originally published January 29, 2011 @ American Thinker.


Democratic representative Jim Moran of Virginia went the Arab television network Alhurra and blamed his party’s November election losses on racism. I offer representative Moran’s statement that “a lot of people in this country … don’t want to be governed by an African-American” as proof that liberal politicians have lost the policy argument. Liberals have a curious habit of smearing their opponents when reality doesn’t support their position. The more facts don’t jibe with their position the stronger the calls are of racism or hate speech. This tactic has been used from Tea Party to Sarah Palin and has been around since Reagan tried to get Bork onto the Supreme Court.


According to Politico, representative Moran isn’t backing away from his statement. Moran’s spokeswoman, Anne Hughes provided this response;

“With nearly 1,000 identified hate groups in the U.S. and recent studies showing a majority of Americans believe racism is still widespread against African-Americans, it is no secret that our country has and continues to struggle with racial equality,” Hughes said. “The congressman was expressing his frustration with this problem and the role it played in the last election. Rather than ignore this issue or pretend it isn’t there, the congressman believes we are better off discussing it in order to overcome it.”


Playing slime ball politics is reprehensible enough when it’s done during an election year, in your own country. Moran sinks to new lows by peddling this tripe for foreign consumption. My guess is that if he made these statements to all but the most sympathetic domestic audience he would be roundly booed. Instead the purveyor of falsehoods has found a sympathetic ear in a region known for it’s wild and outlandish anti US conspiracy theories.


Note to Representative Jim Moran of Virginia. Here is a small laundry list of items that have nothing to do with race and are at the very core of why the Democrats did so poorly on election day;



Race has nothing to do with the Democrats’ recent electoral defeat, but a lack of performance does. With nearly 1 in 5 Americans out of work, you’d think a Democratic congressman would have better things to do besides engage in cheap political grandstanding for an Arab audience. Add Moran’s latest smear while his colleagues are calling for civility as another reason that Democrats will continue to do badly.


Note: A recent editorial in the Washington Times reminds us that this has been going on a long time.

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