Random Union Thoughts & Serious Research

Random Thought 1:
Only in the mind of a Wisconsin democrat can the actions of their state senators be considered “democratic”. Let’s be honest, what the Wisconsin senators are trying to do is thwart the will of the elected majority. It is an attempt to subvert democracy. If they truly believed that they were right, register their vote, and then campaign to repeal the laws that were passed over their objection. Apparently the senators don’t think the ideals they espouse will garner enough support to run on. The actions of the Wisconsin state senators are the definition of cowardice.


Random Thought 2:
Why do unions prefer to have they membership fired as opposed to taking a step back? In Milwaukee unions fought to get taxpayer funded Viagra, instead of fighting to prevent layoffs. In Wisconsin, the Union prefers to have 1500 public employees laid off, rather than give up the power that they have used to unduly influence elections. In New York City the unions fought to keep teachers that were chronically late, accused, or admitted to sexual misconduct with a student, or showing up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It seems to me that some unions are more interested in exercising their political muscle than fairly representing their members.


Serious Research:
The PJ Tatler blog has a very interesting post titled “Was the U.S. a victim of an economic 9/11 in 2008?“. It is based on an article that is running in the Washington Times that puts forth the argument that a part of the 2008 economic crash was caused by outside forces, or “economic terrorism”. The Tatler actually links to the DOD report itself, which makes for very interesting reading.

The Economic Warfare Risks and Responses report is an eye opener and is going to send me in search of more information. The report raises several questions in my mind. What did the attackers hope to gain? Was this an attempt to influence the US election? Were the actions a test of our economic responses, or a test of the perpetrators powers? More research and investigation is necessary.

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