Quick Thoughts on Obama’s Budget Speech

Listening to Obama’s budget speech was like an exercise in avoiding Jedi Mind tricks or Orwellian double speak. If you were confused, let me help you out.


  • When the President says “cut about $1 trillion in spending from the tax code”, what he means is that he will raise your taxes by 1 trillion dollars.
  • When the President says that he will “use a scalpel not machete” to cut the budget, what he means is he will use a machete to go after income earners.
  • When the President says that the rich must pay, he makes an exception for the Ryan Medicare plan, because demagoguery is easier than real solutions.


Ironically a little more than a month ago deficits weren’t such a big deal, and government spending was what was going to save the economy. In fact it was such a non issue that President Obama submitted a budget that cut nearly nothing and spent trillions we didn’t have. What’s changed in a month? A real plan for change was introduced by representative Paul Ryan that cut trillions and the Obama team is scrambling.


President Obama is now the candidate that was for the deficit before he was against it.


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