Sunday’s collection of links

I’ve just realized that I haven’t blogged at all this week, so we’ve arrived at another Sunday without any intervening posts. It doesn’t matter – here is another collection of links for the week ending 11/20/2011 from articles I’ve read and I think you’ll be interested in.


Making Homes Affordable Makes Others Poor: By John Sohne @ American Thinker
How social engineering the housing market eventually bankrupted the entire economy & it still is.


Acorn’s a Creature of the CRA: By Steven Malanga over @ Real Clear Markets
Acorn isn’t just about voter fraud, it has also been about securing loans under the CRA. Article linked above describes how that worked out.


Make 29% On Your Money, Guaranteed!: By Willis Eschenbach found @ Watts Up With That
Thanks to government subsidies & green foolishness. Your tax dollars at work.


The Imaginarium of Barack Obama: by Victor Davis Hanson @Pajamas Media
This article is excellent at pointing out the inconsistency, contradiction, and hypocrisy in President Obama’s policy & actions.


Democrats For Election Fraud: Editorial at Investors Business Daily
From the “Democrats do the darndest things” department comes an editorial from IBD.


Paul Krugman is rewriting history now that the eurozone, beloved by US liberals, is going down in flames: By Nile Gardiner @ The Telegraph
Krugman has long since lost any credibility with most rational thinkers. This is but another example in a long line of why that is.


Occupiers’ war on police By Tina Trent @ Pittsburgh Live
The OWS crowd now seems to be itching for a fight with police.


When the BEST Ain’t Good Enough, Make Stuff Up: Ben Pile @ Climate Resistance
When climate scientist abandon science.


The Insurance Dilemma: By Jerry Pournelle
Jerry used to write for Byte magazine. His blog and short essays are always interesting.


Occupiers’ latest target: schoolchildren: By HOWARD PORTNOY @ Hot Air
A great example of the media double standard.


There Are No Longer Any Excuses For Obamanomics: By Peter Ferrara found @ Forbes
The title says it all, but the essay is a solid & well researched. Worth your time to read.


What do we want from Wall Street? By Spengler @ Asia Times
An excellent forray into human nature with Spengler and the death-spiral convertible bond.


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