Welcome Safe Environment to Founding Ideals

We are extremely proud to be able to share the new cartoon series “Safe Environment” with our readers. We expect the series to pop out cartoons in a totally random and haphazard fashion. Expect the drawings to be produced on about anything, from a hotelier’s free notepad to the back of a bald human head.


I can’t tell you exactly what the cartoons will be about because I don’t have a Vulcan mind meld going on with the artist. From the little I do know I’d expect the subject matter to be random and hastily considered.


A few words about the artist that draws Safe Environment:


  • He runs on jet fuel
  • He usually travels in excess of 400 MPH
  • The word “snark” was originally coined to describe him
  • If the three stooges and a shovel to the forehead is too subtle for you, then you will enjoy his wit
  • He was raised in the same neck of the woods that has produced other cartoonist. We believe there is something in the drinking water there that permanently altered his psyche
  • If you meet him in a bar, with his hair on fire after he’s drunk the establishment into ruin and the patrons under the table DO NOT engage him in a political debate. Lesser men that have tried still inhabit mental institutions babbling incoherently to themselves. That is why the artist calls the series ‚ÄúSafe Environment”, cartoons rarely get one put in the loony bin!


What’s The Real Story?

Click on image to see cartoon.



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Safe Environment’s very first cartoon.




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