Did you ever notice?

President Obama claimed that he would reduce the debt, and even set up a debt commission. Which he promptly ignored. Why did he ignore his own commission? Why did he treat the Ryan plan with such disdain? Why has his party blocked the passing of any budgets?

  • Our national debt is now larger than our GDP.


As gas prices rise, President Obama gives a speech announcing another commission. Obama says “We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain….”. How does that jive with a government taxation system that has been punishing producers in this country? Isn’t that taking advantage? How can we trust a DOJ that won’t pursue a blatant voter intimidation case, or punish the people responsible for allowing guns to be walked that killed US citizens?

  • The government makes 30%-45% more for every gallon of oil produced by the big bad oil companies, then then oil companies make on the same oil.


When President Obama was running for office he would say that drilling wouldn’t affect oil prices because it would take years before that gas or oil came on line. According to candidate Obama “Drill here drill now” wouldn’t solve anything, we needed to diversify not expand oil production. Now Obama wants to take credit for the US producing more oil than when he entered office. The new oil and gas being pumped today is because of the previous administration’s oil leases or because the drilling is happening on private land. Obama wants you to forget that he took millions of acres off the table for drilling during his administration. How can drilling be bad 4 years ago and now that extra production is something to crow about? How much has billions of tax payer dollars changed our reliance on foreign oil? Why do we subsidize oil production in Brazil but not even allow it in the US?

  • When the Obama campaign complains about President Bush, they never mention that the current expanded oil production is almost entirely “his fault”.


Did you ever notice that Obama solutions always raise more questions than they ever provide answers?

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