Who do you believe in?

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests haven’t put together a coherent set of principals but a recurring theme reported in the media is a collective rage over the Wall Street bailouts. Ironically when that very same message was pushed by the Tea Party movement nearly three years ago it was all but ignored by traditional media outlets. The dinosaur media didn’t see the Tea Party helping their team so they went on a hunt for any image that might help to discredit the movement.


When the OWS protest came out the media’s reaction was very different. The pundits were almost giddy with the idea that OWS protests might help the democrats in 2012. While the MSM threw all their investigative journalistic effort at trying to find something wrong with the Tea Party, they all but ignored various inconsistencies with the Occupy Wallstreet movement.


The difference in coverage is due to the difference in each movements ideal solution. The Tea Party movement’s core is a belief in the individual, the OWS movement’s core is a belief in government. The two movements may share the same rage but they look to very different philosophies for a solution. OWS wants the government to redistribute wealth via taxation and law so that it’s “fairer”. Ironically the US already has the most progressive tax code in its OECD peer group with the top 10% paying over 70% of income taxes. The Tea Party wants the government out of the way and perceives government ‘solutions’ as making problems worse.


To be more succinct one ideal is to push people down, keeping everyone at the same level. The other ideal is to remove the shackles of government so that people can rise to the level that their competence, good fortune, and skill allow.


The starkest contrast between the political poles in this country is the “who” at the core of the two belief systems. At the core of the liberal left OWS is government. The who at the core of the Tea Party is the individual. If you want to know where you stand in the debate ask yourself a very simply question. Who do you believe in? The more people that believe in themselves the harder the election will be for the Democrats in 2012.


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