In Response to Senator Nelson’s Message

It appears that the Ryan budget plan has partisan Democrats running for cover. In an attempt to blunt the valid criticisms that actually producing a budget has wrought, do nothing Senators have been sending mediscare messages ┬álike this to their constituents. Here’s my reply.


Dear Senator Nelson,


Reading emails like the one I just received from you is very, very, hard. The tone and tenor is highly partisan and extremely misleading. Your email omits lots of facts that a large number of your constituents are aware of. Below is a short list of facts that are germane to the subject at hand.

  1. The federal gov is spending >100,000 dollars a SECOND ever single day.
  2. The Senate has not passed a budget in >1065 days
  3. Medicare already doesn’t work and many doctors aren’t accepting or limiting new medicare patients. They can’t afford to.
  4. Without any reform medicare will be gutted by demographics tide of baby boomers, no politician needs to touch it for that to happen.
  5. Medicare CURRENTLY doesn’t pay providers the COST of the services they provide.

The fact that Medicare is broken now means that folks like me, on private insurance, pay more to subsidize the broken system. Yet another example of just how BROKEN the system has become is the need for the inept and ridiculous annual “doctor fix“. This piece of legislation is passed annually and used by both parties as a cudgel to score political points. I’m quite sure that the Doctors around the country are sick and tired being treated like a political football.


The Democrats in the house haven’t proposed any budget that will properly fund or fix medicare going forward. Our country simply doesn’t have enough “millionaires and billionaires” to attempt to tax out of existence to make up the difference. Medicare is broken now! Without changes I have no hope of the program being there when I need it. Fixing the medicare program will require bipartisan work and support.


Bipartisanship would be the opposite of what I’ve seen out of Washington. The lead up to passing Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an example of the worst our elected officials have to offer. No bipartisanship and lots of active hostility and grade school antics. The stripping out of good programs like medicare advantage just because the other guys thought of them is another . In an election year, your communication continues more of the same.


Instead of sending me propaganda that supposes I’m ignorant of the facts why don’t you and your fellow Senators do your job? You could start by passing a budget.



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