The Deficit Chicken Hawk

Deficit Chicken Hawk

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Deficit Hawk: a slang term used for politicians that place great emphasis on keeping the federal budget under control. Liberals only use this term for politicians that want to raise taxes.


Deficit Chicken Hawk: a slang term used for politicians that claim to place great emphasis on keeping the federal budget under control but when faced with making real cuts in government spending always back down. Liberals only use this term to describe anyone who won’t raise taxes.


President Obama displays a special kind of shallow, transparent, political opportunism when recently talking about deficits to the writers for financial websites. He hearkens back to the days when he drove a 500 dollar car and was worried about paying the bills at the end of the month. This supposedly makes him more “in touch” with the American people. It’s a good thing he has those memories to talk about, because he certainly can’t run on his actual accomplishments while in government. President Obama is the head of a one hundred and six thousand dollar a second spending machine and any claims that he cares about debt are laughable (at best).


To date here are some of the milestones we’ve passed while under President Obama’s watchful eye;

  1. The debt is now in excess of 100% of the nation’s entire GDP
  2. Every year the President has been in power he’s run an annual deficit over 1 trillion dollars
  3. The democratically led Senate has not passed a budget bill in more than 1072 days.
  4. The federal government is spending more than six million dollars a minute
  5. President Obama’s signature healthcare bill costs more than 1.76 trillion dollars over 10 years.


A quick review for those that haven’t been paying attention; After President Obama was elected, democrats controlled the House and held a super majority in the Senate. President Obama and his party pushed through a massive budget that increased Federal non-defense discretionary spending by 24%. When you add in the ineffective stimulus spending, the increase was actually 84%. That was the last time Democrats found it necessary to pass a budget. Government spending essentially went on cruise control, with small interruptions to raise the debt ceiling. The politicians hoped that by not passing a budget they wouldn’t have to explain any hard decisions to their constituents. There was already a lot of anger after the cash for clunkers debacle and the failed stimulus spending.  The electorate responded by handing democrats a historically stunning defeat in the mid term elections.


Now, during a Presidential election year, we are to believe that President Obama really cares about the deficit? He ignored his own debt commission and shoveled federal dollars to big donors. Obama’s claim that he’s creating healthcare savings aren’t backed up by the CBO, but the CBO does tell us that Obamacare will effectively incentive companies to drop coverage for 20 million Americans.


Recently automatic cuts went into affect when the Senate couldn’t agree on a budget.  You realize just how un-serious the President and Senators are when you realize that if they had merely agreed to hold federal spending at 2008’s inflated level for 7 years they would have made their spending target. Remember whenever you hear the President talk about “cutting spending by x number of dollars over x number of years” – Washington doesn’t do math like you and I do. For politicians, cutting spending merely means not growing the government as fast.


Until the President and Congress make real, meaningful cuts and shrink the size of government, the debt will continue to grow. Until Washington culture starts using zero based budgeting and stops the budgetary double talk, expect little change, but a lot of demagoguery. After all, it’s an election year and the deficit chicken hawks want to hold onto power.


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