Two Sons

2 Sons

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The traditional media’s story of the moment is the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. That incident was initially reported as potentially a white on black racially motivated shooting of an innocent unarmed teen. The media’s response was to go into hyperbole overdrive. Editing 911 tapes to make it appear as if Zimmerman was racist and having “audio experts” declare that a racial slur could be heard on the same tapes.


The racial demagogues Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackon descended on Sanford and lynch mob mentality ensued. The demagogues accused the local police of playing favorites due to race. Politicians rushed to speak out on the tragedy. President Obama said “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”.


The Florida Governor assigned a special prosecutor to review the case and unlike others asked that the investigators be given time. The 911 tapes as well as video and other evidence has been released to the public.


Then some facts starting coming out that weren’t so convenient to the MSM story line. The shooter was a self identified Hispanic that had fought to have the local police disciplined for beating a black homeless man. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a 12 year old boy scout. The MSM, confronted with their malfeasance and the alternate media’s relentless digging for facts has caused the narrative to change.  The MSM now calls Zimmerman a ‘white Hispanic’ and the story is ‘complicated’ in an effort to hold on to the narrative.


Strangely, the same pit bull media is nearly silent on the of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Agent Terry was killed by a firearm that was “walked” as a part of the deeply flawed ATF “Fast and Furious” program.


CBS News first reported in February 2011 that the ATF allowed thousands of weapons to “walk” into the hands of Mexian drug cartels and onto public streets of the southwest and Mexico via straw purchasers. The firearms weren’t interdicted and were purposely allowed to go across the border into Mexico, even against the wishes of agents on the ground. Those weapons later were used to murder innocent Mexicans, as well as two border patrol agents.


Initially the government tried to cover up the fact that walked firearms were responsible for Brian Terry’s death. If it wasn’t for secretly recorded conversations with ATF agents, that fact may not have ever come out. Even more damning is the fact that a Congressional investigation is being actively stymied by the DOJ. If it wasn’t for ATF whistle blowers we wouldn’t know half of the information that we know about the failed program.


Our government’s response has been to fire a whistle blower, ignore subpoenas, promote agents that allowed guns to walk, and refuse to allow witnesses to testify. Our media’s response has been a deafening silence.


Sadly this story is about two sons that are dead. One  son was killed at the hands of a private citizen under questionable circumstances. Another son was killed by a hardened criminal armed by the incompetence of our government. One son’s death is being investigated and garners national attention, the media loves that story (22,800,000 google hits). The media would rather not report about the ATF’s ‘fast and furious’ program (1,110,000 google results).


The next time Eric Holder wants to have an honest conversation about “justice” – perhaps he should talk to the parents of Brian Terry first. An apology would be appropriate AFTER his resignation.

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