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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what a public figure means when what they say doesn’t match the facts in any way shape or form. In this post I will take a few recent public statements, provide a translation, as well as what they were hoping you’d think. Please note, our translations may not be 100% accurate, but we strive very hard to read the minds of various public figures.





The Statement: “The House budget once again fails the test of balance, fairness, and shared responsibility.” – President Obama


What He Meant: It’s not my budget


What He Hoped You Heard: The current tax system is unfair and I’m here to protect you


The Truth: The US tax system has one of the most progressive in the OECD with the US rich paying most of the income taxes. The only people that need protecting is the US taxpayer! Obama’s careful budgeting has created more debt in 3 years than Bush did in 8 while fighting 2 wars. The only thing that’s not fair is the amount of debt Obama’s creating for your grandchildren.



The Statement:She’s never worked a day in her life” (In reference to Ann Romney) – Lobbyist and democratic party operative Hilary Rosen


What She Meant:How dare you flaunt your ability to raise your own kids.


What She Hoped You Heard: The Rommney’s are rich, doesn’t that piss you off?


The Truth: Raising 5 boys is hard work in anyone’s book. Raising male children is doubly hard in this day and age when society is at war with all things “boy”. The only person that is “out of touch” is the democratic party operative whose life experience includes lobbying for the RIAA and helping BP with its public relations nightmare.



The Statement: “The Buffett Rule: A basic principle of tax fairness.” – A White House Report


What They Meant: The great society has failed to raise people up, despite spending trillions. The only way to make people equal is to start pushing the successful down.


What They Hoped You Heard: We’re going to make everyone equal, it doesn’t matter how smart, lucky, or hard working you are or aren’t.


The Truth: Every great government experiment in trying to make everyone “equal” through the use of government force (like onerous taxation) has succeeded in accomplishing two things.

1. Making most people equal in misery

2. Creating a extremely small, wealthy, non miserable, elite ruling class with a lot of power.


The only thing that raw capitalism has done is created more wealth for more people than any other system on earth, ever.


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