Sunday’s Collection of Links

Today we are providing a collection of links from articles or stories we found interesting or enjoyed reading in the last week. Please note – because an article is linked doesn’t mean that we agree with the authors opinions presented! It’s been an eventful week from the left getting a taste of it’s own medicine in the “war on women” to North Korea attempting to launch a satellite.




Greece to open new detention centres for illegal migrants – Athens plans up to 30 camps on disused military sites across country to house migrants blamed for ‘crime epidemic’ from The Guardian (UK newspaper).


Backfired! A Great Political Cartoon from Richard Ramirez


Hating Hilary – An article from 2008 in wired magazine about Hilary Rosen (of the attack on stay at home moms fame).


National Debt has increased more under Obama than under Bush – Article from Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent.


Soros Funded Newspaper Praises Soros Funded Brennan Center – By J. Christian Adams in his column ‘Rule of Law’ over at PJ Media.


Elizabeth Birch Hilary Rosen: The Children’s Other Mom – A post with a picture of Hilary and her partner and their children. 2 good excerpts from 2 other articles. From the blog ‘Maggies Notebook’.


Mysterious Decline-Where Are the Men on Campus? – From radio commentator Glenn Sacks. A good read. The stats are startling. If the left was even a tiny little bit honest they would have to start trying to draft boys to go to college to preserve “diversity”. No danger of an honest conversation on the subject or an honest response.


House Dem Suggests on Twitter that Former VP Dick Cheney Be Executed – Because it’s all about the ‘new tone’ in Washington. From “The Maine Wire” (With H/T to The Patriot Update). If the legislator that did this had an (R) after his/her name you would have heard about this on the nightly news.


Free-lunch egalitarianism – Charles Krauthammer rips into Obama and the political leftists lack of substance.


Day By Day Cartoon – I follow this cartoon everyday.


Worth it? Failed launch costs North Korea food aid Fox News article & Video reviewing North Korea’s failed rocket launch.


Winning the War Against Women – A great article in the Wall Street Journal that underscores how the current taxation system and union sponsored rules hurt women.


The Life & Death of Andrew Breitbart – The Provocateur – An article from David Carr over at the New York Times. When I read “Altering rules of civil discourse” with respect to Andrew Breitbart I think that Breitbart got tired of being told to shut up & get to the back of the bus and he pushed back, hard.


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