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In the US, blacks are 6 times more likely to be a victim of homicide than whites. 46% of the people arrested and convicted of murder are black, while blacks only make up about 13% of the US population. 86% of white victims were killed by whites, 94% of black victims were killed by blacks. Blacks make up almost 40% of the prison population.


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Good – we finally got rid of the people that made those stats possible and an entrenched reality for our country. It is impossible to discuss solutions if we are afraid to admit that a problem exists. More importantly if we are unafraid of the truth, then sacred cows that perpetuate problems can be turned into hamburger instead of being kept alive.


The first stat that I’d like to tackle is the last mentioned in our intro, incarceration. The number of black men that are currently behind bars is a national tragedy. There is a single significant factor that explains the difference between white and black incarceration rates. It’s not education, poverty, geography, or even race. That factor is single parenthood.


Think about that fact for a second. It’s stunning. Unlike race hustling lawyers that will use statistics to prove anyone with deep enough pockets is racist, here is a stat that shows that we aren’t a racist society. A stat that shows that a well understood individual choice has a deep and profound impact. The entire black community pays dearly for a 72% unwed mothers rate.


Children of single mothers are more likely to commit suicide, abuse drugs, fail to finish school, and commit crime. Not all children of single parents have these problems, but statistically the risk is much, much higher. The typical MSM response to these facts is to run a feel good story of the successful single mom or dad. They prefer to ignore the facts or change the conversation when it comes to the darker side of single parenthood. The reason these are feel good stories is that they are stories about people beating the odds. If such stories were common they wouldn’t be worthy of mention. The link between single motherhood and crime is long established.


How do we stop or slow single motherhood in our country? Currently our government gives a bonus to poor unwed mothers that have babies. This is done out of concern for the child and is done with the best intentions, but does it really help in the long run? Would it better to withdraw public assistance if a young women gets pregnant because she decided to have a baby she couldn’t support? Should a bonus be paid if a man marries a women he impregnates instead of punishing him? Do we bring back the “scarlet letter”?


Here is where your humble opinionator does something different than most. I don’t have all the answers to those questions. What I do know is that what we are doing now isn’t working. What we know with absolute certainty is that paying unwed mothers who have children is the same as paying unwed mother TO have children. The charity provided that makes having a child out of wedlock possible, also makes it a more viable financial option. More money merely exacerbates the issue by providing stronger incentives. This is a complex problem with no easy answers. My suggestion is that a little bit of tough love is better than a free handout.


Our President and the left in this country like to look at the world through a prism of race and victimhood. Solutions proposed by adherents of this mentality involve racial and gender quotas, or redistribution of wealth to ‘enforce equality’. Facts, fallout, and long term consequences are rarely examined in detail. The result of this attitude are such outlandish policies as denying Asian students admission because too many were good at math and science. Our education system is now so hostile to men that fewer of them complete college. Statistically, all men would qualify for an affirmative action program if the department of justice applied standards uniformly. The ideology that limits opportunity for asians while reducing the percentage of men that obtain higher education is the same ideology that’s driven the cataclysmic rise in illegitimacy.


The black unemployment rate is a shocking statistic. We’ve spent billions and billions on “stimulus” and “training” and have little to show for it. Regardless of the fact that blacks have disproportionately suffered under Obama’s economic policies, nobody thinks those policies are racist. If we had an honest conversation about that failure, perhaps together we could work on more effective solutions. Isn’t that what a leader is supposed to do?


Actions based on left-wing ideology have, perversely, driven up the ills they were intended to reduce. The kind of thinking that limits opportunities for asians with quotas and has made higher education for men less likely, has also led to the boom in single parenthood. The challenge is to deal with the reality of the causes in ways that may seem harsh, but will ultimately be effective. From stay-at-home moms, to single parents, to root causes of many of society’s ills, an honest conversation is hard.

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  1. johngs54 says:

    It is about time someone not only can see the truth and actually had the guts to print it. This problem has been going on for so long and is only getting worse. Under this President, the divide is so large and angry, it will take years for it to changed. This divide helps our POTUS in the poles. But, it hurts the minorities and will continue to damage years of creating equality for ALL. It has festered into a disease. Creating non-existent racism. Or I should say Racial Bias. Good article. Should be on MSM but they are scared of the truth. Thanks. Jay Schreiber Jacksonville, Fl

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