Powerful New Romney Ad “These Hands” Hits Home

A new Romney political ad came out today and is especially powerful.



A stark reminder that one candidate is a collectivist at his core, while the other is a capitalist. The collectivist refuses to acknowledge that government services are bought and paid for by tax dollars. The collectivist talks about government services aimed at very specific groups, but that is only a pay off. President Obama is robbing from the successful to sustain political patrons. The practice is corrupt and unsustainable. There are two eventual outcomes from unsustainable collectivism; the first outcome is like Greece the second was the USSR. Neither option is palatable to the vast majority of Americans.


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  1. johngs54 says:

    This is so far the best Romney has done so far. He needs a fire lit under him. He needs to get mad and fight back. In this Ad I see it starting. I hope and pray he continues to stand up and fight. God Bless Free America.

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