The stereotypical conservative argument for a candidate is one based on ideals, theories, and is usually an intellectual appeal. Appeals to emotion from conservatives usually deal with very specific cultural issues such as abortion. In these pages and across the internet the cultural and the intellectual arguments have been made over and over. I’d like to offer a different argument for supporting the Romney Ryan ticket. Compassion for my fellow Americans and the humility and passion of a leader that understands his limits.


There are a more than 46 million Americans on food stamps (now called SNAP). More than 23 million Americans are either unemployed or under employed. Half of all college graduates have no job after college. Every man, woman, and child in the United States is currently on the hook for $51,585 in national debt. When once calculates the debt per citizen for the huge unfunded liability that we carry, that number jumps to over a million dollar per US taxpayer. Our collective debt continues to grow by the second.


Those number should make you weep. The increase in poverty alone should be a national scandal. Behind these numbers are real people, in real need, and they’ve been ignored in favor of a hyper left wing statist agenda. President Obama makes excuses as more people are forced to rely on government assistance. Instead of programs designed to stimulate jobs the Obama actually spends your tax money to convince people that they shouldn’t be ashamed of using public assistance. The failure of leadership shows a decided LACK of compassion.


Romney understands that if people had a job they wouldn’t have to feel ashamed. He has compassion for their plight.


The breadth and depth of these problems requires serious reform and the ability to work in a deeply divided legislature to come to some consensus. Barrack Obama’s ability to work across the aisle can be summed up in two words “We Won”. He used that phrase to tell Republicans what he thought of their ideas during negotiations for the massive failure none as Obamacare. Instead of jobs and a recovering economy, Obama delivered a massive new entitlement that suppresses job growth and punishes innovators and the working poor.


Romney doesn’t have Obama’s ego that snuffs out any chance of bipartisanship. He has the humility to succeed.


The debt crisis and the looking fiscal cliff loom large on the financial horizon. Cutting the federal government from it’s addiction to cheap credit will be a massive undertaking. The national debt already exceeds the total annual economic output of the entire Untied States. Without judicious action the this generation will not be able to pass on to their children a country better than they found it. Without immediate changes, Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt and leave millions without any safety net or retirement. The Obama plan repackages more of the same failure and seems predicated on his being out of office before it all comes crashing down.


Mitt Romney firmly believes that we have to save the programs we have and put the country on a path to sustained growth so our children are left with a better country than we were. He has a passion for getting the numbers right.


Our country and countrymen have suffered under four years of failed leadership. A leader whose compassion has more to do with his ego than the plight of everyday Americans. A leader whose passion has been his golf game and the trappings of office, not getting the job done for ordinary Americans. It’s time to elect a leader that brings compassion for the American people, a passion for the American ideal, and the humility to work within the system to get the job done. It’s time to elect Mitt Romney.


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