Social Security Is An Entitlement

Recently I received an email whose author was indignant that his social security check is considered an entitlement. The email goes on about how he “earned” his social security and medicare and therefore they aren’t entitlements. Below was the response I penned to the person who forwarded me the email.


I always look at it a little bit differently, as I am one of those that probably won’t collect a single dime from social security, even though I’ve been paying into the system for nearly 30 years.

  • 1. Social security is a ponzi scheme. One doesn’t have to pay into the system to collect benefits. If you’re collecting it now, it’s not because you paid in, it’s because I pay now. I’m forced by law to join the ponzi scheme.

  • 2. The government never invested our money (nor did it intend to). It took money from you and I via a payroll tax and spent it. Voters returned the biggest spenders back to Congress because they were bringing home the ‘bacon’ for their district. After decades of this behavior our countries debt is in excess of our GDP.

  • 3. Every single time someone tried to reform Social Security voters rose up and acted like the sky was falling. Raising the eligibility age by 5 years would have saved billions. People live a lot longer now than they did in the 1930s when the program was implemented. It took nearly 25 years to get a raise of a mere 2 years put into law.

  • 4. Medicare is one of the most inefficient and wasteful programs in existence. You aren’t paying for it, I am, and I get to pay twice because medicare is so poorly run that it doesn’t even cover the cost of most procedures. People who pay cash or have insurance make up the difference. That’s why EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 2003 Congress passes the “Doctor Fix“.

  • 5. Every single time someone tried to reform Medicare voters rose up and acted like the sky was falling (again). Does it really make sense for the government to pay for a multimillionaires health care just because they are over 65? Can’t they afford insurance on their own? We want to raise taxes on the wealthy but won’t make them pay for their own medical care.

Now you know why so many younger people would like to get out of this poorly run ponzi monopoly that takes 15% of our salary every month and will be totally bankrupt by the time we might be able to use it. You pay 7.5% and your employer pays 7.5%, if you’re lucky enough to be self employed, you cover the whole 15%.


Imagine what you could do with that money! The 1/2 your ’employer’ put in could have been part of your salary. Hell even if your employer only gave you 1/2 of his share, that means that every month you would have taken home 10% more money. If you had invested that over your lifetime it would have at least returned 3%. Most of you would be millionaires. Image what you could have done with the money TAKEN from you over a lifetime. Instead of you spending it, your social security tax money kept some bureaucrat paid while they were wasting our money.


The mistake was to give the folks that invented waste & fraud control of a big portion of our retirement! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?


The IDEAL of Social Security and Medicare is admirable. You paid a tax (or not) and now your entitled to a government benefit. In practice it just feeds a ravenous government or is used as a political bludgeon to beat anyone that dare ask for an efficient, transparent, & sane government. The problem with ponzi schemes, you eventually run out of someone else’s money. The money you paid in is long gone and the government is fast running out of my money.


-A Taxpaying Employed Person (An endangered species)

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