About Founding Ideals

Founding ideals is commentary written with some very basic ideals in mind.  The most basic ideal that I ascribe to is that of a limited government. A government that interferes as little as possible in the affairs of it’s citizens is preferential to any other.  I firmly believe that all laws and policies should be measured against one standard, do they advance or retard the liberty of the citizens?  If they retard liberty they should be cast aside and another solution sought in all but the most extreme circumstances. The antithesis of this ideal is communism.  Based on history and first hand experience there can be no doubt that communism is an evil system of governance that infallibly leads to tyranny.


Equality before the law does not mean equality in personal outcomes between all people and it never should.  A government should allow a person to advance themselves by their whit, sweat, luck, or any combination thereof, as long as a person’s efforts do not infringe on the freedoms and properties of another.  The proper place for government in that role is to defend all of it’s citizen’s freedoms.  We take a dim view when our government robs some of it’s citizens for the benefit of others.  Taking from one citizen for the sole benefit of another is a morally bankrupt practice regardless of the what good intentions lay behind the legalized assault.


A transparent government is much more likely to be an honest government. Part of transparency is a robust public debate on the issues of the day.  To that end, we add our voice to that debate and endeavor to offer insight and analysis.  We also offer satire and humor.  Sometimes, the point best made is the one that makes you laugh at the absurdity of an opposing argument.


The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of the authors. They do not reflect anyone’s employer or employers. Heck after the passage of time, some of the opinions expressed may not even reflect the author’s views on the subject! Hindsight is, after all, 20/20.