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A glimpse into the liberal mind

Originally published June 7, 2012 @ American Thinker   The recent victory for Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election was a stunning surprise for the left. Polling had been predicting a tightening race but Walker ended up winning the … Continue reading

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Who do you believe in?

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests haven’t put together a coherent set of principals but a recurring theme reported in the media is a collective rage over the Wall Street bailouts. Ironically when that very same message was pushed by … Continue reading

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AP thinks that Reagan’s legacy “is mixed”

It’s always interesting reading the main stream media’s take on history. In AP’s story titled “Walesa unveils statue of Ronald Reagan in Warsaw“, we learn that in AP’s eyes, Reagan’s legacy is “mixed” in the US.   Mixed? Really?   … Continue reading

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The Media’s Bigotry Is Showing

Originally published September 04, 2010 @ American Thinker   There is no escaping the fact that traditional mainstream media outlets have been trying to label recent conservative movements as racist, or tinged with racism. This has been the case from … Continue reading

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