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The Deficit Chicken Hawk

Deficit Hawk: a slang term used for politicians that place great emphasis on keeping the federal budget under control. Liberals only use this term for politicians that want to raise taxes.   Deficit Chicken Hawk: a slang term used for … Continue reading

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Free Lunch

Supreme Court – 03.28.12 An exchange between Justice Kagan and Lead Plaintiff Attorney Clement…   Clement had barely finished his first sentence when Kagan immediately asked him why it was coercive for the federal government to give billions of dollars … Continue reading

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Yes, Rep. Cohen – Obamacare is a takeover of our health care system

Originally published January 21, 2011 @ American Thinker.   What is a “takeover”?   The democrats have fully embraced the calls for civil discourse by comparing Republicans to Nazis. During the debate over repealing Obamacare Democrats continue to insist that … Continue reading

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