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Funding Failure

Originally published August 21, 2012 @ American Thinker   Jerry Brown has a problem. His state continues to spend billions more than it collects in taxes. Outlays for pensioners are starting to bite into day to day government functions. Unable to get higher taxes through his state’s legislature Brown … Continue reading

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Krugman gets taken to school

Originally published March 3, 2011 @ American Thinker.   Last week Paul Krugman of the New York Times penned a column titled “Leaving Children Behind” wherein Krugman insinuated that schools in Texas were deplorable. This riled Dave Burge of well … Continue reading

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The tax payer subsidy of the democratic party

In the minds of the left and their union compatriots, unions are a necessary tool to counter corporate America. The left’s storyline is that corporate America is evil, can’t be trusted, and will do bad things to good people if … Continue reading

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Public Sector Unions – Antithesis of Good Government

Public sector unions are a problem for tax payers because their motivation is directly opposed to what would be considered good government. Public sector unions have a financial incentive to grow government, and keep tasks labor intensive (more workers, more … Continue reading

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